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At Bruce Middle School we've decided to go paperless with our newsletter.

There are two advantages to this:

- The saving of paper is a savings in costs and more importantly another step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

- By offering news in this format, we can now provide our community with real-time news as it happens, instead of waiting until the end of the month to send out information.

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Snack a Torium

"Snack-a-Torium" The canteen offers students a variety of nut-free healthy lunch and snack items, and will do its best to keep costs for students as low as possible. The canteen is open during the morning nutrition break, the first 10 minutes of the lunch hour and for dances and other special events. We continue to offer a “debit system” for students who want to keep an account in case of a forgotten lunch or for the occasional treat. Please contact the school for more information. No credit will be allowed from the canteen. Fresh sandwiches are delivered weekly from “Norm n’ Nates" deli. Bruce “Snack-a-torium”

  • Prices Chocolate Milk $2.00 
  • White Milk $1.75 
  •  Cheese-String $1.00
  •  Snack Crackers (Crispers, etc.)  $1.50
  • Wagon Wheel $1.00 
  •  Baked Lays $1.50 
  •  Rice Crispy Square $1.00 
  •  Drink Box $1.00 
  •  Thin-sations $0.50
  •  Granola Bar $0.50 
  •  Popcorn (events only)$1.00 
  •  Sandwiches Etc. Variety of Sandwiches and
  •  Subs $4.00 
  •  Meal Deal Sandwich, Drink Box & Snack $6.00


HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM (HPV) GRADE 6 FEMALE STUDENTS The Minister of Healthy Living announced that Manitoba will continue to have a voluntary, publicly funded HPV immunization program for grade 6 female students in the 2014-2015school year. Bruce Middle School will be supporting HPV immunization program beginning on October 6th. Permission forms and a letters were distributed at the triad appointments.


SCHOOL PICTURES School pictures will be taken on Friday, October 3rd at 9:00 a.m. You will receive a flyer one week before picture day listing the packages and prices available. Please make your package selection and enclose payment in the envelope. Simply return envelopes to the photographer on picture day.

Monday, 25 August 2014

WMBA Registrations

WMBA registration is now open for fall/winter basketball. Fees are $245.00 for the season. One practice a week, games on the weekends. Please visit our site, [ ], for more information and to register. Any questions, please contact Michelle Delios, convenor at [ ]

Monday, 18 August 2014

Show & Save Discount Card & Coupon Book

Our Parent Council will be raising money this September by selling the Show & Save Card & Coupon Book. We are very excited to announce that Superstore will once again be participating in the upcoming Fall Show & Save Book! The Coupon Book has over $10,000 in money saving offers including coupons for purchases at numerous grocery stores, restaurants and businesses throughout the city. For only $20 you can experience endless savings with the Re-usable Card and Coupon Book. By purchasing your Show & Save from us, you will be supporting our School while at the same time saving your family a lot of money.