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At Bruce Middle School we've decided to go paperless with our newsletter.

There are two advantages to this:

- The saving of paper is a savings in costs and more importantly another step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

- By offering news in this format, we can now provide our community with real-time news as it happens, instead of waiting until the end of the month to send out information.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bruce Invitational Curling Bonspiel

On Wednesday, March 18, Bruce Middle School hosted the first invitational curling bonspiel!  All 6 middle schools were in attendance and participated in 6 games, round-robin style.  What a great opportunity for students to practice their skills while celebrating one of Canada's most loved sports with students from across the division.

A big thank-you to all students who participated as well as the staff and Mrs. Smitke for all of the time put in to organize this great event!  So much fun was had by all!

BMS Students visit CMHR

On Friday, March 20th, thirty-six students had the amazing opportunity to take a field trip to explore The Forks and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights to learn more about the journey of human rights through Canada and the world. 

Students participated in a virtual bingo, taking pictures to match various key words and themes in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  They explored the museum and participated in a guided tour to learn about how Canadians have been involved in the fight for universal human rights and explored the main themes of the Museum.  Students had a chance to tour many of the galleries and interesting artifacts and ended the tour to the Tower of Hope.

Students will be building a bulletin board display in the hallways of Bruce Middle School to share what they learned with the rest of our students.

Community Building Enrichment Activities

During the months of January, February, and March, grade 7 students invited Athlone grade 5 students to come and participate in a range of Destination Imagination challenges.  These challenges help students build skills in the areas of collaboration, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking.  Each week, students taught each other a math game before mixing into groups and being given a Destination Imagination challenge.  Activities helped students gain confidence and develop their ability to think more creatively.

The grade 7s ended off their term and put their creativity skills to the test by participating in a golf course building challenge.  They had 30 minutes to design a mini-golf hole that could be built with supplies gathered around the school and given a new purpose.  Then, they had 30 minutes to construct their hole, set the par, and test their part of the course.  And of course, we had 30 minutes to PLAY and test each other's designs in our very own Bruce Middle School Mini-Golf course.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Astronaut Training!

What better way to learn how life is up in space than doing it yourself?! Students in Ms. St. Mars' Grade 6 Class went through 7 astronaut training simulation stations which included space station repairs (putting three pairs of gloves on and trying to pick up, and clip together, two paper clips), learning to say hello to fellow astronauts in a variety of different languages, basic medical training (applying medical supplies on fellow students), and eating out of nothing but a bag (putting pudding in a Ziploc and eating it out of just a cut out of the corner!) Get ready NASA, you have 24 new recruits!

Aboriginal Cultural Enrichment Activities!

One of our grade 6 enrichment groups has been studying aboriginal culture and perspective. Some of the activities they've done include:

Dream Catchers
Bad dreams? We have a solution. The students learned the history behind dream catchers and their importance to Aboriginal people. The students made their own dream catchers using a large ring, leather, synthetic sinew, beads, and feathers!

Talking sticks
One at a time please! The students learned the history of talking sticks and what they are used for. After venturing out to find the perfect sticks, each student made a talking stick of their own using their stick, leather, beads, and feathers! A special large talking stick was made for our room and will come in handy when sharing!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Science, Spaghetti, and Social Justice!

Five Bruce students were among the many participants of this year's Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition held on Saturday, March 14 at Kildonan Place Shopping Centre. The five Bruce students entered three bridges in the strength competition in the grades 7 and 8 levels. The volunteers from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM) were happy to place each bridge under a hydraulic press. They continued to add force to each bridge until they broke. 

In addition to the $2000 of cash prizes that were awarded, APEGM totaled the weight withstood by every bridge tested and donated an equal amount to Winnipeg Harvest.

At the end of an exciting day, Bruce won the grade 8 level with a spaghetti truss that withstood 64.5 kg and Winnipeg Harvest received $14602.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Portfolios & Paninis!

Over 250 people came out on Thursday March 5th to enjoy`an evening of shared learning as Bruce Middle School hosted a 
Portfolios & Paninis Evening! 

The evening is designed to showcase the learning that students have done in all subject areas throughout the term. 

Using the sch
ool issued iPads, students engaged their parents in a collection of artifacts (photos, video, audio, web-based resources) that represent their learning. Students presented these artifacts on their devices, reflected on why they are proud of their learning and identified areas that require improvement.

Students also led their parents through a series of live performance tasks. Some of which were iPad based and others which were hands-on, including numeracy games and making Panini's as part of our foods program.

It was a wonderful evening highlighting the tech-infused learning that goes on in our classrooms at Bruce Middle School!

A special thank you to:
2285 Portage Avenue

for providing the Panini supplies!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bruce Clothing

Bruce Clothing will once again be offered to purchase!

Orders will be taken until March 20, 2015.
Sizes will be available to try on from March 4th-March 20th 
Cheques only please.  If you need any additional information please see Mrs. Goetz

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