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Monday, 19 June 2017

Grade 8 Transition

Each year Middle Years schools and Senior High schools work together to facilitate the transition of students from Grade 8 to Grade 9.  A key component of this transition is the Orientation Meeting at the high schools at the end of June.  Although each high school organizes their meeting in their own individual way, it is essential that students attend.  All schools distribute important information (and in some cases individual student timetables) that will assist in giving your child a good start in their new school next September.


Bruce Middle School teachers will be present at each of the High Schools listed below to take attendance.  Students are expected to make their own way to the high school in which they have registered for next year.  Students will be dismissed for the day at the conclusion of the presentation.



Date: Friday, June 23rd


Time:   1:15  PM   Attendance

            1:30 PM    Orientation Meeting 


Sturgeon Heights        Mrs. Parker,  Mrs. McGowan

John Taylor                 Mr. Weber      

Westwood                   Mr. Fisher-Smith

St. James                     Mrs. Ostermann


If you have any questions, please contact the Bruce Middle School office at 888-1990.






W. Lipinski



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